no.1 (03), 2012


Political Life of the Society

Arinin A. N. Russian President's tasks in country modernization

Solovieva M. A. Elaboration of political culture conception

Russia in Wars and Revolutions of XX Century

Ananyeva E. S. Problems of museum collection security in Hermitage Museum during the World War I and the Revolution of 1917

Ratchkovskiy V. A. The Petrograd Council of Workers and Soldiers Deputies in February and March 1917 in the memories of Socialists (part II)

Fedorov M. V. Labour problem on the pages of "Izvestia of Petrograd Council of Workers and Soldiers Deputies" in 1917

Konokhova A. S. Sisters of charity in the years of revolution and Civil war

Ratkovskiy I. S. Petrogradskaya Cheka and organization of doctor V. P. Kovalevskiy in 1918

Kaminskiy V. V. Some particulars of the "voyage" of the Nicolas Academy of General Staff from Ekaterinburg to Kazan (July 23-24, 1918) (part I)

Somov V. A. Radio as a communicative tool of formation of the labour motivation during the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 (on materials of Volgo-Viatsiy region)


Russia in World Politics

Komarkov A. Yu. Problems of establishment of allied relations between USSR, England and United States (22 June - October 1941)

Khodjakov M. V., Chemakin A. A. Money circulation in the Soviet occupation zone of Germany. 1945-1948


Events and People

Tverdyukova E. D. The privately owned vehicle as a consumer good in USSR. 1930-1960s

Krivosheev Yu. V., Sokolov R. A. Periodicals about the "Alexander Nevsky" movie. 1938-1939 (part I)

Kutuzov V. A. A. A. Zhdanov or A. A. Kuznetsov? Problem of leadership in besieged Leningrad

Yarmolich F. K. The personnel structure of censorship bodies in the 1950s - early 1960s (on the data of Leningrad, Karelia and Murmansk region)

Tarasova E. A. The besieged parliament: 10th Extraordinary Congress of people's deputies of Russian Federation



"Don't refuse to give place for these lines…": V. M. Purishkevich's unpublished notes written during Russian Civil War. Published by A. A. Ivanov and A. S. Puchenkov

"The Germans act decisively that means they feel their power": NKVD materials about Leningrad townspeople reaction on German remilitarization of the Rhineland in 1936. Published by N. V. Savinova

"Morbid and anti-Soviet manifestations…": reference of the KGB administration at the Council of Ministers of the USSR for Leningradskaya region, July 27th 1967. Published by K. A. Boldovskiy

Critics and Bibliography

Sobolev G. L. Review on: Popova S. S. Mezhdu dvumya perevorotami. Dokumentalnye svidetelsvta o sobytiax leta 1917 goda v Petrograde (po francuzkim i rossijskim arkhivnym istochnikam)

Govorov I. V. Review on: Tverdyukova E. D. Gosudarstvennoe regulirovanie torgovli v SSSR (konec 1920-kh - seredina 1950-kh gg.): istoriko-pravovoj analiz

Ratchkovskiy V. A. Review on: Tretyakov N. S. Prigorodnye dvorcy-muzei Leningrad. Vojna i pobeda


Drukaryov E. G. A letter to editorial board