no.3 (05)


Russian in Wars and Revolutions of XX Century 

Bochkov E. A. "Attach the value of the national celebration to a jubilee of the Patriotic War of 1812": Activities of the Russian Empire central authorities in organization of the Patriotic War of 1812 100th anniversary

Kaminskiy V. V. Some particulars of the "voyage" of the Nicolas Academy of the General Staff from Ekaterinburg to Kazan (July 23-24, 1918) (part II)

Mazhara P. Yu. White Movement in northwest Russia in the memoirs of politicians and journalists (source analysis)

Sobolev G. L. Leningrad Siege: from the new sources to the new comprehension


Russia and the West 

Elts E. E. The current issues on the Russia and France collaboration in the sphere of the State archives

Kashchenko E. S., Marygina A. S. Russians and Hollywood: creative contacts in XX century

Rupasov A. I. The Soviet-Swedish relations in the late 1950s 


History and literature: French researches

Chepiga V. P. Irène Némirovsky et la langue russe french

Taimanova T. S., Legenkova E. A. Who is the author of "Naked Russia"?

Viktorova T. V. "The country of violence and beautiful eyes": Louis Aragon's visit to Soviet Ural

Balaban A. I. History and memory in documentary prose of Gaito Gazdanov


Events and People

Khodjakov M. V. Money and black market in the prison camps for foreigners of the Estonian SSR. 1945-1949

Boldovskiy K. A. Social structure of postwar Leningrad managing personnel according to the census of 1947

Mikheev V. F., Mikheev G. F. "The Leningrad affair" (on the base of the investigatory cases)(part I)

Konokhova A. S. "We receive appointments to the backwoods towns…": graduates' job placement in USSR during the "thaw" period



"There was a great Russian affair in my hands…": Memoirs from the archive of general D. L. Khorvat (part II). Published by A. V. Lugovaya

"The truth about Sorokin": F. F. Krutogolov's unpublished notes about the prominent red commander-in-chief I. L. Sorokin. Published by A. S. Puchenkov



Daniil Alshits (03.02.1919-13.02.2012)

In the memory of Igor Govorov (10.09.1972-30.04.2012)