Editorial Policy

The journal accepts contributions on Russian and Soviet history of 20th and 21th centuries, as well as review essays. The journal sees it main task in uniting historians, political scientists, economists, sociologists, psychologists, all those who study Russian history in an attempt to overcome one-sidedness in assessments of the Russian historical process. The journal does not publish popular materials and does not engage in political propaganda.

The journal welcomes the submission of materials by foreign contributors and researchers from various regions of Russia. The Editorial Board assesses research articles on political, social, economic history, international relations, cultural life, etc., basing only on its content and regardless of the professional status, gender, race, ethnic origin, citizenship, and political views of the contributor. The scientific significance is the main and foremost criterion of assessment of a submission.

All submitted manuscripts must be original research not published previously in any language. All manuscripts are checked for plagiarism and self-plagiarism. The Editorial Board declares that the preference is given to the research articles that are based on new archival materials and contain new approaches to “old” historical problems. Contributors are obliged to relate the content of their manuscripts with previously published Russian and foreign studies in this area.

All submissions are put under double-blind peer-review (the reviewers do not know the authors of the manuscript; the authors do not know the reviewers).

A special requirement is imposed on the style of submissions - they should be written in good Russian or English language. Articles of foreign authors can be published in Russian and in English.

The journal welcomes the publications of archival documents having significant scientific or public importance. Such publication should be preceded by a scientific introduction and should be provided with scientific commentaries.

The journal provides open access to published issues. Electronic texts of are fully available for all users of the journal web-site.